[god vs aliens] shirt
[god vs aliens] shirt

[god vs aliens] shirt

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if you are familiar with my work, you are most likely aware that aliens are not actually travelers from another planet, they are simply the modern manifestation of demons. they come at night, take people, torture them, enjoy deceiving people, and generally serve to elevate a worldview that is antithetical to traditional theology. well we're striking back with this beautiful piece of anti-alien propaganda conveniently packaged in shirt form. here you can see some female holy figure, a warrior of god, beheading a grey alien. behind them are various scenes and symbols that relate to this. there's a man getting abducted from his house, and someone following a ladder into the sky that leads right to satan's arms. there's also an angel coming down to earth and a scene from Noah's ark. I included this because some people have posited that the nephilim, who came down to earth to mate with human women, could in some way be associated with modern aliens, who also have a strange obsession with human sex and hybrids. some have posited that part of the function of the flood in Noah's time was the cleanse the earth of these strange nephilim-human hybrids. the bible does discuss giants existing, so, who knows. in the sky are various holy and sacred symbols and a golden castle, symbolic of the peace and strength we will have when modern man awakens to the true nature of the alien situation.

this shirt comes only on black, honestly it was too intense for any other color. only black could handle it.

(note on sizes: if you're debating between a large and a medium, I would recommend getting the medium. I'm 6'2 and the large is big on me. there's also a sizing chart down below this. the only "situation" I've had after doing this for almost two years is that the large shirts are often too large on people. I put this note on every shirt because I can't really do returns unless something is actually wrong with the shirt (extremely rare, maybe happened like 3 times). I print them to order so it's not like I have a huge stockpile at my studio.)

• Double-stitched
• Made in the USA

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