READ THIS: THE Calendar. I'll write this out eventually, but if you're here, you know what this is - or you can check the twitter thread. TLM style (i.e. older dates) FULL calendar of the liturgical year (i.e. feast days, holidays, time periods - all that).

There are a few options here:

THE FULL IMAGE: 24x36 inches. 2 feet by 3 feet. It's large


IN QUARTERS: Four quarters, each 12x18 inches (so, adds up to the same size, but it's split up). If you're getting the quarters, they're numbered 1 2 3 4 and labeled framed and unframed. Just double check your order.

FRAMES: All that comes FRAMED or UNFRAMED. Here's the deal with the frames: They're good. I wouldn't be selling them if they were bad. But, they are utilitarian. Basically, framing art can be expensive and can be a "whole thing" - so I wanted to give you either option. If you want this to show up at your house, framed, easy, or so you can give it as a gift to someone with no hassle - bam, we got the frames. Didn't want to leave you hanging there - but I'm not upcharging you on them or making money on them (actually I lose a little money, just being honest). They serve their purpose, but they're not spectacular. Said succinctly: I'd recommend getting the unframed and framing them yourself - shipping will also be a lot less on the unframed ones obviously, but I'm giving you the option.
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