[esoteric fishing collective] shirt, short sleeve
[esoteric fishing collective] shirt, short sleeve

[esoteric fishing collective] shirt, short sleeve

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an openly secret semi-organized network of people active in every known nation and several unknown ones: the esoteric fishing collective. you may or may not already be a part of it but i've just received clearance to make this shirt available in the shop. comes in long sleeve for windy boat / coastal operations and short sleeve for more solar and conspicuous fish obtainment endeavors. the sigil on the front of the shirt with three fish coming together as one has been in use for at least 800 - 1000 years, it has been documented from java to china to the middle east into europe and beyond (actually, that's real). this instance of it is painstakingly calibrated to increase attunement and general morphonic resonance with all marine creatures. have received unconfirmed reports that three people wearing this in one location resulted in too many fish being caught, all poles were allegedly completely overwhelmed, so please exercise caution with this one.

this is the short sleeve one, the short sleeve shirt is in a different listing. you can see the measurements below.

([READ THIS] a note on sizes: I used to advise on sizes but there is just too much variation between people. Honestly the only way to make a safe bet is to check out the sizing guide below and measure yourself or one of your shirts that you have that fits you well. I can't do returns because they're all made to order so, it's not like I have a ton of them all here at the studio. If you want to order a bunch I'd probably advise getting one and then seeing how it fits and then going for more. )

• 100% cotton
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping


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